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PlotCalc Soft is designated for designers involved in cutting on the cutter and development of design layouts, the programme is to be installed in CorelDraw.

Free mode allows you to use most of the PlotCalc functions: delivery to cutting, sorting, measuring of the length of curves, measuring of the square of figures, a scheme in scale, search of points of intersection; as well as sometimes for 2 hours it allows use of the function for material cut and acceleration of tape selection.

When activated PlotCalc allows using of the function for material cut and acceleration of tape selection without any limitations.

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PlotCalc, main functions:

Close-together arrangement of graphic figures on the page (on the tape)Close-together arrangement of graphic figures on the page (on the tape)

The main function of PlotCalc programme is automatic arrangement of figures on the page. This task usually takes even an experienced designer huge amount of time; designers must search for the best option of arrangement themselves. PlotCalc is able to arrange hundreds and even thousands of figures only in few seconds by one button click. This function saves not only time but reduces material consumption. You can try to work with the programme, go to Download page for it and download the programme; if you are interested in looking at examples of figure arrangement, take a look at screenshots. Please note that after downloading of the programme you need to activate it, otherwise the programme function for optimal arrangement works in a limited-time mode. Read more..

Acceleration of extra tape sapling around cut figuresAcceleration of extra tape sapling around cut figures

It helps to excerpt extra tape around cut figures quickly, efficiently and fail-safe. The function divides cutting chart into zones, adding lines in such a way that every element is split by half. Especially, it helps at sampling of extra tape around fine texts that are mostly put to accidental errors, e.g. it is possible to pull out full stop or comma accidentally; by using this function error probability comes to naught, besides, spent time reduces. Read more..

Measuring of the length of curved lines in CorelDrawMeasuring of the length of curved lines in CorelDraw

The function allows to calculate the general length of curved lines for detached figures in CorelDraw. This function can be very useful, for instance, by calculation of cutting price. By calculations the programme sums up directly the length of all Besier curves, not converting them into multitude of short straight lines; it provides absolute calculation accuracy. Concurrent with it the programme helps to calculate the cutting price, coming out of the price for one meter, and taking into account a interest discount/markup. The function works without any limitations even without programme being activated. Read more..

Delivery to the cutter from CorelDraw and optimization of cutting sequenceDelivery to the cutter from CorelDraw and optimization of cutting sequence

It prepares graphic elements for delivery to the plotter: it takes away filling, converts all figures into curves, after cutting the programme marks already cut figures that allows fast look about at next deliveries for cutting which elements are already cut and which are not. Similarly, cutting sequence gets optimized (horizontally/vertically). Read more..

Scheme creating in scaleScheme creating in scale

It enables to create a scheme of a detached layout in the scale, automatically selected from generally accepted (1:1,1:2,1:5,1:10,...) so that there is enough space for a scheme of a page of A4 format, rotating a layout for 90 degrees in case of need by it, when it allows to reflect a scheme in larger scale. Read more..


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