PlotCalc - soft for a cutting plotter
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PlotCalc Functions

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Technical support

20.04.2024 PlotCalc 2024.04.20 - CorelDRAW 2024 support has been realized



You need to do the following to activate the programme:

1. Buy activation code.

2. Check activation code:

3. Run CorelDRAW.

4. Use fee-paying functions “Pattern cutting” or “Tape cleaning”

5. If the programme requests activation code, enter it and click the button “Activate”.

6. Close the window, then all functions start running without any time limits.


Code activation use terms

1. After activation, paid features will be available without time limit for the period of code operation from the moment of first activation

2. It is forbidden to use one activation code on several computers at the same time, but it is allowed to use it sequentially, first on one computer, then on another, and so on.

3. There is no limit to the number of reactivations.


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