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Technical support

25.08.2023 PlotCalc 2023.08.25
Fixed a bug related to changing the ReferencePoint settin...


Installing PlotCalc 2023.08.25

User agreement and refund conditions

Supported versions of graphics editors

CorelDRAW 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, X8, X7 (64/32 bit)

Corel DESIGNER (not supported)

Automatic installation / removal

PlotCalc 2023.08.25 exe / zip

MacOS not supported

Language packs: English, Chinese, Polish, Ukrainian, German, Russian, French, Slovak, Slovenian, Italian, Vietnamese, Kazakh, Portuguese (Brazil), Turkish, Spanish, Indonesian, Arabic, Hindi

Warning! If the Windows system "complains" when trying to start the PlotCalc installer that it does not have a publisher certificate, please do as shown below:

click on "More info", then click on "Run anyway"

Manual installation / removal

Manual installation for Windows

Manual installation for MacOS (not supported)

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