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Download PlotCalc 7.0.0

PlotCalc 7.0.0 for CorelDraw X7 32-bit - 1.77

PlotCalc 7.0.0 for CorelDraw X6 32-bit - 7.42

PlotCalc 7.0.0 for CorelDraw X5 - 7.42

PlotCalc 7.0.0 for CorelDraw X4 - 7.42

PlotCalc 7.0.0 for CorelDraw X3 - 7.42


For installation do the following:

1. Run the file plotcalcXn.exe and install PlotCalc

2. Drag the file PlotCalcStarter.gms into the folder C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Xn\Draw\GMS\ (where Corel installed)

3. Run CorelDRAWXn

4. Press Tools >> Options

5. Select on the left side Workspace and click the button Import…

6. Find the file PlotCalcToolBar.xslt and press Open

7. Press Next, Next, Next, Finish, OK

8. In order to display PlotCalc panel, click the right mouse button near toolbar and enable the checkbox in the toolbar list near PlotCalcToolBar

9. Everything is set to work.

If the panel is inactive or nothing happens after button click, in that case, do the following:

In CorelDRAW press the button ALT+F11, VBA editor programme should be open, failure of the editor programme to get open means that it is not installed; and PlotCalc does not work without VBA editor programme. Run setup CorelDRAW and install VBA additionally. If you use put down (budget) version of CorelDRAW, setup may not contain VBA editor programme. After VBA installation PlotCalc starts running.

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