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25.08.2023 PlotCalc 2023.08.25
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Details about the activation code for 1 month of work

Immediately after payment you will receive an activation code for PlotCalc of the form MONTH-AA00-AA00-AA00-AA00 for 1 month of work from the moment of the first activation.

For the first activation on the PlotCalc panel, click Nesting. When the program asks for an activation code enter it and click Activate. All paid features will then become available for 1 month from the first activation.

If you need to activate PlotCalc with the same code on another computer, do the following activation in the same way as above, the number of such repeated activations is NOT LIMITED. Simultaneous work on two or more PCs is not allowed, only one at a time on one and then on the other.

After 1 month of operation from the date of first activation, the program will switch to free mode of operation, and paid features will be subject to time limits. To continue working with paid features without restrictions buy a new activation code: buy activation code.

NOTE: Refunds after purchase are only available within 15 days of purchase. For a refund, please provide the support team with your activation code or invoice number or email requesting a refund.

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