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13.12.2023 PlotCalc 2023.13.13 - There is a new function ReGrouping, it can be useful ...




The Regrouping function comes in handy when you receive a layout from your customer. Often clients bring a layout in various unsuitable vector formats, for example, in *.PLT or *.DWG, where vector shapes may be disconnected from each other, and lines may be broken or have unnecessary nodes. This function is used to correct them quickly and to unite them into groups. It works in the following way: all vector objects that are visually on the display are combined into groups and then it becomes easy to work with them and, for example, it is possible to apply the Nesting function.

For example, we export from *.PLT format a fabric cutting for sewing clothes:


We can see that all the elements are not grouped, all the lines are separate:


It can take more than one hour of time to put the pieces together in groups, but this feature will assemble everything in one click:


Also the Regrouping function additionally allows you to connect open lines and remove unnecessary nodes, for this you need to set the appropriate options in the PlotCalc settings:

Regrouping setting

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