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13.12.2023 PlotCalc 2023.13.13 - There is a new function ReGrouping, it can be useful ...


Cropping a bitmap image by contour


You will need this function when preparing a layout for laser cutting, it allows you to cut a bitmap image along the contour line with the required margin from the edge (0.5 mm by default).

To apply it, select the vector shape in CorelDRAW together with the bitmap image and click the corresponding button on the PlotCalc toolbar

Once applied, the vector drawing will be grouped together with the bitmap image.

The function works with any vector shapes and conversion to curves is not necessary for its application.

If the contour is a non-closed curve, it is not necessary to close it.

You can change the value for the offset in the PlotCalc settings

Also in preparation for laser cutting, you will need a function to create jumpers "Opening Lines"

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