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PlotCalc Functions

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Technical support

20.04.2024 PlotCalc 2024.04.20 - CorelDRAW 2024 support has been realized


Manual installation / removal

Step 1: Download the file PlotCalc.gms (8.95 MB)

Step 2: Close CorelDRAW

Step 3: Move the PlotCalc.gms file to the C:\Users\[USER NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite [CORELDRAW VERSION]\Draw\GMS

Step 4: To do this, open an explorer and go to the C:\Users folder as shown below

Step 5: Select the folder of the desired user

Step 6: Next, select the AppData folder, if it is hidden, enter its name in the top entry field as shown below and press Enter.

Step 7: Next, select the Roaming folder

Step 8: Next, select the Corel folder

Step 9: Next, select the folder with the required CorelDRAW version

Step 10: Next, select the Draw folder, if it does not exist, create it

Step 11: Next, select the GMS folder, if it does not exist, create it

Step 12: Now drag and drop the file PlotCalc.gms into this folder, if you already have a previous version here, simply replace it with the new one to update it

Step 13: Open CorelDRAW and select Tools>>Options>>CorelDRAW...>>VBA.

In earlier versions of CorelDRAW the call for this setting may be slightly different

And uncheck the Delay Load VBA box

Step 14: Click OK - the PlotCalc toolbar appears. Installation completed successfully :)

Step 15: If the PlotCalc toolbar does not appear, just restart CorelDRAW and it will appear. Installation completed successfully :)

Step 16: If the PlotCalc toolbar still does not appear, check if you have VBA installed, PlotCalc requires VBA to work, to check if VBA is installed in your CorelDRAW press ALT+F11 - this should open VBA editor, if editor does not open run Setup CorelDRAW and install VBA, then PlotCalc will work

Removing PlotCalc

To remove PlotCalc from your CorelDRAW just delete the file PlotCalc.gms, you can also delete the user settings file plotcalc_userdata.bin and the folder icons, which contains PlotCalc toolbar pictures

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