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13.12.2023 PlotCalc 2023.13.13 - There is a new function ReGrouping, it can be useful ...


News about PlotCalc program:

13.12.2023 PlotCalc 2023.13.13 - There is a new function ReGrouping, it can be useful when you receive a layout from your customer. It allows you to combine graphical objects that are visually together into groups for convenient work with them. Read More ..

Also, small corrections have been made to the Remove Duplicate Lines feature and a progress bar has been added.

20.11.2023 PlotCalc 2023.11.18 - Added function for removing duplicate lines (coincident lines) which will come in handy for laser, router, and cutting plotter work. Read More ..

05.10.2023 Added the most commonly used function to convert all vector shapes to curves in CorelDRAW in one click, which makes the work much more convenient than when using the standard function built into CorelDRAW. Check out examples here.

25.08.2023 PlotCalc 2023.08.25
Fixed a bug related to changing the ReferencePoint setting in a CorelDRAW document.

17.08.2023 PlotCalc 2023.08.17 adds two new functions for preparing a layout for laser cutting: "Cropping a Bitmap Image by Contour" and "Opening Lines". Hindi language pack has also been added.
Attention! From 01.10.2023 the price for the activation code for unlimited period will change from 149$ to 169$

08.06.2023 PlotCalc 2023.06.08
- Added language packs: Turkish, Spanish, Indonesian, Arabic;
- Network functions have been improved.

29.05.2023 PotCalc 2023.05.29
- Network functions have been improved;
- Changed server port to 3091, if you use antivirus or firewall add permission for CorelDRAW.exe application to connect to server on port 3091;
- Added a report on data delivery to the server in the form of a progressbar;
- Minor corrections have been made.

19.01.2023 Fixed all bugs related to automatic delivery of activation code to buyer after payment to web-page and e-mail, which appeared accidentally due to changing page encoding to UTF-8. Now the delivery should work without problems as before.

17.11.2022 PlotCalc 2022.11.17 new language pack added: Portuguese (Brazil)

31.10.2022 PlotCalc 2022.10.31 fixed scaling for 5K monitors

26.08.2022 PlotCalc version 2022.08.27

- Fixed a bug of scattering of figures when changing the starting point after using the Nesting function;
- Fixed a bug of saving fractional values of parameters when using the Nesting function;
- Fixed a screen scaling bug when enabling the Windows feature that removes blurring when rendering a window for the Nesting function;

- Added the ability to Update by button command;
- Added Auto Update feature (disabled by default);
- Returned Auto Restart PlotCalc server in case of failure;

06.06.2022 PlotCalc version 2022.06.06

- Added support for CorelDRAW 2022;
- The network protocol has been completely rewritten, the data exchange and processing has become much faster, which can be especially noticeable when cutting a large number (1000+) of complex shaped parts. The new protocol works only with the current version of PlotCalc and higher;
- Sessions support is implemented, in case of connection failure the recovery occurs at the same stage, where the connection failure occurred for any reason, which is convenient, for example, when a long search of a large number of nesting variants. In case of a connection failure, the connection is immediately reconnected and work is continued without loss of intermediate results;
- Micro changes were made to the UI and logic of a couple of indicators;
- Added ping indicator with server;
- Added support for little-endian and big-endian byte orders (AMD/Intel)

29.05.2022 Returned the method of payment by cash transfer through Western Union, which works in any country.

07.04.2022 PlotCalc 2022.04.07 minor corrections were made to the module for loading/saving user settings. Attention, user settings in PlotCalc are reset to default settings when updating.

26.03.2022 The PlotCalc server has been moved from Dnipro to the data center in Kiev just in case. Also, the server has improved query processing, now queries are processed in parallel instead of one by one, which makes it comfortable to work during peak loads

04.03.2022 Added Kazakh language pack

02.03.2022 Corrections for CorelDRAW have been made

14.02.2022 Starting with PlotCalc 2022.02.14, the ability to compactly place grouped objects on a sheet has been added; now PlotCalc sees such objects as shapes instead of rectangles. This feature comes in handy for preparing a layout for multi-layer processing, such as a cutting layer, a milling layer, a printing layer, etc.

If the group contains curved lines together with a bitmap, then the bitmap is ignored - this is done for convenience in preparing the layout for contour cutting. Otherwise bitmaps are treated as rectangles.

Also, when using the function to speed up film sampling, auxiliary lines are now grouped together with the original object, which is convenient for their further placement on the sheet.

Plus, the "Circulation" function has been added, which allows you to place multiple copies of an object on the sheet.

31.01.2022 PlotCalc 2022.01.31 beta

- Regional corrections have been made;
- Added language packs: Slovak, Slovenian, Italian, Vietnamese

27.01.2022 PlotCalc 2022.01.26 beta

- Added an option to measure the area of the entire selection rectangle;
- For convenience, Ruler and Area can now not only be turned on when you click the button on the PlotCalc toolbar, but also turned off;
- Fixed a bug when calculating the area and length of curves due to a third-party script changing the units of measurement in the document, now the area is always displayed correctly;
- Fixed a bug of number overflow when calculating complex curves with a large number of subpaths, e.g. long texts as curves;
- Removed UI blocking on capacious counting tasks;
- Added language packs: Ukrainian, English, Chinese, Polish, German, French. With the help of the service DeepL

12.01.2022 PlotCalc automatic installer for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP (64/32 bit) is now available

07.01.2022 A beta version has been released PlotCalc 2022.01.03 for CorelDRAW 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, X8, X7 (64/32 bit)

16.11.2021 Effective 17.11.2021, the price for a 1-month activation code will increase from $3.99 to $4.99

31.08.2021 Since withdrawal of funds from WalletOne payment acceptance system in Ukraine became unexpectedly impossible from 1.09.2021 acceptance of payments for purchase of activation codes through WalletOne system is temporarily stopped for an indefinite period of time. WalletOne support service informs that the terms of restoration of regular work of the service are not set. Now any attempts to withdraw funds end with an exception. Attempting to make refunds to all customers through WalletOne from 01.08.2021 to 31.08.2021 without canceling activation codes also results in an exception.

At the moment the acceptance of payments through Visa and MasterCard is working properly, also for organizations from Ukraine you can pay on the r/s. Addition of alternative systems (Bitcoin, PayPal, WesternUnion, etc.) will be considered later.

12.08.2021 Unfortunately on 12.08.2021 and 13.08.2021 from 9-00 to 17-00 PlotCalc server will not work due to repair work and power outage. Attempt to solve the problem with the help of SB and AKB did not lead to a positive result.

25.11.2018 Improved the delivery of activation codes to the user after payment.

15.09.2017 To increase the stable operation time of the PlotCalc server in the event of a power outage, a long-life uninterruptible power supply with a 40 amp-hour battery is installed.

10.12.2016 Unfortunately PlotCalc server will work unstably until 01.01.2017, with interruptions, it is connected with Windows licensing.
I do everything possible to normalize the server in the near future!

09.11.2016 The price for unlimited activation code will be increased from 99$ to 149$ c 01.12.2016, if you were going to buy such a code, I recommend to make it before the specified date.

20.10.2016 Some optimization of the server has been performed, bottlenecks have been removed, stability and speed have been improved. Further optimization of the server part is in progress.

02.06.2016 Unfortunately, cooperation with ROBOKASSA payment service is discontinued, but WalletOne service is connected, which has 130 different payment methods. Added My Check section where you can find the payment information as well as the purchased activation code (the section appears after payment in the upper right part of the page).

07.04.2016 Due to a strong reduction in the number of sales, the price for the activation code for 1 month of operation has been reduced and is now - 3.99$

23.12.2015 Happy New Year 2016 to all!!!

08.09.2015 As of today, you no longer have to wait 15 minutes for the first code activation, so you can activate and use PlotCalc immediately after purchasing the code, but repeated activations still require a 15 minute wait.

01.08.2015 Now every Saturday and Sunday PlotCalc will run completely free without requiring activation.

23.06.2015 Due to an increase in the price of the activation code for 1 month of PlotCalc, the price has been changed and is now $4.99$

09.06.2015 PlotCalc server auto-restart function is implemented, in case of server hang-up the server will be restarted in 5-10 seconds automatically, you won't even notice anything. And if the server hangs while performing your operation, you just need to repeat the operation again.

22.05.2015 The equipment has been replaced and the provider on the server side has been changed to improve the quality of the service. New server ip-address

02.04.2015 PlotCalc version for CorelDRAW X7 32-bit is now available.

15.02.2015 Added the ability to purchase codes through ROBOKASSA system (more than 40 payment methods).Also added the ability to purchase an activation code for one year of work for 29$.

23.01.2015 Due to changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation today ceased cooperation with the store AllSoft, activation codes purchased in the store AllSoft after 23.01.2015 are considered invalid, if you bought codes in the store AllSoft after this date, in this case, make a refund. Additional payment methods for codes will be available soon.

02.10.2014 It is now possible to purchase an activation code for one month of work for only 2.99$. The payment system has been improved, now activation codes are sent instantly after payment, and for customers from Ukraine there is an opportunity to buy codes in cash through a PrivatBank terminal or using liqpay account. In store there are for sale activation codes for an unlimited period of time, as well as codes for the 1st month of operation.

Activation codes have changed their look a bit for better readability, now all new codes look like this:
AAxxx-AAxx-AAxx-AAxx - code for two years;
MONTH-AAxx-AAxx-AAxx - 1-month code;
UNLIM-AAxx-AAxx-AAxx - code for an unlimited period of time.

Attention! Activation codes for 1 month or unlimited time cannot be used for PlotCalc 5.0.1 and below. For PlotCalc 5.0.1 and below, only 2-year codes can be used. I remind you that the activation system for the new and old version works independently (in parallel), you can check the codes here: Activation

14.10.2013 Prices for activation codes have been changed, now one activation code has a price of 49$, two codes - 69$. Added activation code valid without time limit (price: 99$)

25.07.2013 ATTENTION! Server IP address has changed:

02.04.2013 Restored normal operation of the server, previously the computer on which the server was installed failed, the server was moved to another computer at that there were problems with activation, now it is fixed.

04.10.2012 ATTENTION! The IP address of the server has changed:

24.08.2012 Changes have been made to the PlotCalc server part:
- added sending of information about the progress of primary processing;
- eliminated temporary server freeze at simultaneous request from a large number of clients;
- server RAM overflow was eliminated.

19.08.2012 It is possible to pay directly with cards with VISA or MasterCard logo.

14.06.2012 There is now a version of PlotCalc compatible with CorelDRAW X6.

5.06.2012 PlotCalc 7.0.0 is now available, and the following changes have been made to this version:
- The nesting algorithm has been completely rewritten and many new features have been added;
- bug with curve length calculation has been fixed;
- bug when using the "film cleaning" function has been fixed;
- the activation procedure has been simplified.
WARNING! PlotCalc version 6.x.x is no longer supported!

25.05.2012 PlotCalc version 7 will be released soon. The following changes in the nesting algorithm will appear:
1. Possibility to fix the angle of rotation of the figures, e.g. 0, or 180, or 90.
2. In case the material size exceeds the size of the working area of the machine, PlotCalc will be able to place shapes on the material while indicating the lines along which the material should be cut.
3. Possibility of placing elements inside any figure.
4. This function can reduce material consumption by about 5%-10%, but it takes time, i.e. you have to compromise between savings and time.
5. Activation conditions have been improved for the user, activation has become easier and now the number of activations is not limited, while the activation code usage period and price are preserved (2 years from the first activation, 29$ US), but the system is made so that you can use PlotCalc only on the computer where the activation was made last, and between activation attempts cannot be less than 15 min., i.e. if you try to use one activation code on 2 or more PCs at the same time, the system will make it as inconvenient as possible and you will have to buy a new activation code. Also the new activation system will work in parallel with the old one, i.e. the activation code used earlier in the old version (PlotCalc 3.x-5.x) will become working again, so if you have used codes - save them and they will work again in the new version, this is done to save old customers.

20.03.2011 PlotCalc 6.0.5 beta:
- bug with cutting time calculation has been fixed;
- bug with the total cut counter has been fixed.

18.03.2011 PlotCalc 6.0.4 beta:
- added interface for cutting output;
- there's a plotter cutter emulator;
- added new "fine text without problems" technology (eliminates entry points and burrs);
- an algorithm for optimizing the path of the plotter blade was improved;
- added curve overlap function;
- added a total cut counter;
- added cut time indicator.

04.02.2011 PlotCalc 6.0.3 beta, corrections made to the module for cleaning excess film, in the previous version in some cases letters were damaged
- improved response of the "Cancel" button

21.01.2011Open beta testing of PlotCalc 6 for Corel X4 and X5 is underway, all program functions work without limitations. In case of any errors, please report to support. Installation instructions can be found in archive..

6.0.2 - fixed window display for perimeter.

6.0.1 - fixed incorrect display of settings forms;
added possibility to check if there is a new version;
fixed bug with saving profiles.

15.01.2011 There is now a live view of the figure cutting maps, go to gallery to view.

03.07.2009 A new version of the forum has been installed, unfortunately all the old entries due to database failure could not be restored.

23.10.2008 Due to the instability of the U.S. dollar, the price of PlotCalc software (add-in-CorelDraw) in the national currency of Ukraine, as well as in rubles of the Russian Federation, now the price is displayed in hryvnias and simultaneously in rubles of the Russian Federation.

7.05.2007 The 5th version of PlotCalc has been released, in the new version the main changes were related to the modernization of the optimization algorithm for shape maps.

The following has been implemented in PlotCalc 5:
- Multiple Placement - you can now place grouped objects;
- It is now possible to place objects that are not curves, such as text blocks, shapes, unclosed curves, and even bitmaps. Now PlotCalc does not "tell" you to convert graphical objects to curves beforehand;
- The interface for the shape map optimization function has been changed;
- Changed the interface for PlotCalc activation, now there is no need to send a cipher to the support address during activation (activation will take a couple of minutes);
- Increased by several times the performance when placing figures containing too many nodes (for non-optimized or inaccurately created figures).

To upgrade to a new version (PlotCalc 5), no reactivation is required, just uninstall the previous version and install the new one.

21.04.2007 Activation code verification via web-interface has been implemented; Now by going to the Activation section you will be able to check the detailed information about your code.

19.04.2007 It is now possible to activate PlotCalc in "manual mode" without sending the cipher to the technical support e-mail. Now to get the key file, it is enough to generate a cipher and go to this page.
Attention! Starting with PlotCalc version 5, the activation process will be performed in "manual mode" only

26.10.2006 There is a survey among users about the price of PlotCalc version 5

01.04.2006 It is possible to install PlotCalc 4.5.1 under CorelDRAW X3.

01.10.2005 The forum where PlotCalc software and other topics are discussed has been resumed. Please be reminded that earlier on 22.08.2005 the forum was hacked by an unknown attacker. Unfortunately, the administrator has not been able to restore past discussions and topics.
The activation codes are intact.

28.03.2005 Fixed deactivation error related to automatic daylight saving time, PlotCalc 4.5.1.

22.03.2005 The following features have been added to PlotCalc 4.5:
1. Measure areas of figures by matrix, and corrections have been made for the function of measuring areas by integrals
2. Finding intersection points
3. Creation of schemes in A3 and A5 scale

10.03.2005 Added new function: measuring areas of figures by integrals, PlotCalc 4.4 version.

25.02.2005 The English version of PlotCalc add-in CorelDRAW has been implemented.

23.02.2005 English version of the PlotCalc web has been implemented (
The cost of activation codes is only for the English version:
One activation code - $49 (US dollars)
Two activation codes - $69 (US dollars)
Five activation codes - $99 (US dollars)

21.02.2005 Implemented the ability to adjust the indentation from the edge of selected objects when using the function to speed up extra film extraction around cut shapes (PlotCalc 4.3.5).

16.02.2005 The code preventing an error in CorelDRAW when outputting complex shapes of large sizes to the plotter has been restored. (CorelDRAW may convert curves into straight segments when outputting complex shapes of large sizes to the plotter - this error is eliminated when outputting to the plotter via the button on the PlotCalc toolbar)
Fixed the function for optimizing shape cutting maps, version 4.3.4.

11.02.2005 Fixed errors when displaying a window with useful tips when loading PlotCalc, version 4.3.3

02.02.2005 Version: 4.3.2, - fixed several minor bugs related to the function to speed up the extra film extraction.
Added log for error logging.
Improved installation interface.

10.01.2005 Version: 4.3.1, - fixed a few minor bugs related to the function to speed up the extra film extraction.

05.01.2005 New version available: 4.3, added feature to speed up extra film extraction around cut shapes.

03.11.2004 PlotCalc 4.2 version contains an algorithm for optimizing the plotter knife path before cutting (paid feature). Also added a convenient option for auto substitution of price per meter when determining the cost of cutting.

24.09.2004 A new version of the PlotCalc program, 4.1, has been released and a new feature is available here:
optimal placement of the figures on the film! A tremendous amount of effort has gone into creating this feature, and only now, 1.5 years later can you take advantage of it!
We sincerely hope that the PlotCalc program will become an indispensable tool for outdoor advertising designers.

23.09.2004 The PlotCalc com website has been opened. Due to its popularity the program now has its own resource All functions that were previously paid now can be used absolutely free of charge: "Measuring curve lengths in CorelDRAW", "Creating schemes in scale", "Output to plotter from CorelDRAW"

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